Request for Proposal PD Consultant

Answers for questions posed to Project Director Consultant for the Circles of Care Project RFP/Q:

  1. Would you like the proposal to be submitted as one proposal document or two proposal documents (i.e. Volume 1: Technical Proposal and Volume 2: Cost Proposal)?
    Yes, you may submit the proposal documents as two separate documents, but the 2 documents cannot exceed the 15 page limit.
  2. The RFP Submittal Requirements states, “the proposal shall not exceed a total of 15 single-sided, 8.5” x 11” pages”. Is it safe to assume pricing information, resumes, and the table of contents are not included in the 15-page limitation?
    The Technical Proposal & Cost Proposal are included on that 15 page limitation. The cover/transmittal letter, table of contents & resumes can be included appendices that are not included in the 15 page limitation.
  3. Does this contract fall under SCA Wage Determination?
    If the employees do not qualify for exemption under 29 CFR 541, then SCA Wage Determination applies.