Patricia Webber

Patricia Gusman Webber U.S. Navy
January 15,1965 – December 15, 1967
Personnelman – U.S. Naval Station
Washington, DC
Enlisted in the U.S.Navy, January 15,1965. Honorable Discharge January 15,1967.
Served as a Personnelman, at the U.S. Naval Station in Washington, DC.
Retired from the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada State Office in October 2004, with
38 years of federal government service. Government service included Bureau of Naval
Personnel, U.S.Forest Service, IRS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.
Patricia was born in Susanville, CA. and raised in Herlong, CA. Graduated from Herlong High School in 1962, Patricia is a SIR Tribal Member and is of Paiute descent.